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On the way of the Jo …

Some time ago Yuki and I were initiated to Jodo, at first our goal was to have a general understanding of the discipline to better enjoy the EU. championships held in Belgium, what we did, but very soon it became clear to us that it was another great opportunity to work on the Maai. Our […]

Duties of referees

Searching in my notes for another paper I found an old fax copy entitled “Manual for referee seminar” and dating of May, 2003. It is clearly dedicated to kendo but can be easily transposed to Iaido and Jodo. I post it here under without any text modifications, just adding 2 pictures.

Jodo introduction

As our Dojo was on Budo holiday this month of July and that we had some free time, Yuki and I decided to follow a short Jodo introduction on a sunny Sunday morning. Jodo attracted us for some time now and this was the perfect occasion to take the plunge.