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The guidance of referee

While intensively training, immersed in our day to day keiko slowly polishing the received teachings. It is always a good idea to dedicate some time to check your performance yourself, for example by filming and then judging your waza execution. Naturally follows the question: On what criteria should we judge a performance ?

Duties of referees

Searching in my notes for another paper I found an old fax copy entitled “Manual for referee seminar” and dating of May, 2003. It is clearly dedicated to kendo but can be easily transposed to Iaido and Jodo. I post it here under without any text modifications, just adding 2 pictures.

ZKR Iaido – Judging check points recap

Iaido Judging Guidelines for seitei iai – All Japan Kendo Federation Iai Shinsa. Those points are coming from the 2002 version of the ZNKR (All Japan Kendo Federation) Iai Booklet which is focusing on the major points to respect. Of course there are many other points to take care of. Even not speaking about deeper […]