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NANA-KOROBI YA-OKI (七転び八起き – seven falls, eight getting up)

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On the way of the Jo …

Some time ago Yuki and I were initiated to Jodo, at first our goal was to have a general understanding of the discipline to better enjoy the EU. championships held in Belgium, what we did, but very soon it became clear to us that it was another great opportunity to work on the Maai. Our thursday keiko already incorporate the regular practice of the kendo no kata, but as I already explained Jodo add the freshness of a new weapon with a different balance, weight and length.

Being not yet on the (high)way of the Jo but rather on the access road and after series of self training in our dojo, we asked to visit the Agehacho dojo for teaching and advises, which they kindly accepted. Last time we saw 2 tandoku dosa kihon: 1. Hon Te Uchi and 4. Kaeshi Zuki and 2 ZNKR Jodo Kata 1. Tsuki zue and 4. Shamen. This time we continued the study of kihon and were introduced to the soutai dosa (pair practice).

Tandoku dosa kihon:
– 2. Gyaku te uchi (Reverse hand strike)
– 3. Hikiotoshi uchi (Pull down strike)
– 5. Gyaku te zuki (Reverse hand trust)
– 7. Kuri tsuke (Spinning stiking)

Soutai dosa kihon:
– 1. Hon te uchi
– 2. Gyaku te uchi
– 4. Kaeshi zuki
– 7. Kuri tsuke

The session was as the first one very interesting and Pratrik sensei’s teachings very clear and precise. During this 2 hours time keiko we saw many new techniques and revised kata number 1 and 4. It is up to us now to integrate theses techniques and repeat the basics again and again trying to make the correct movements. Gambarimasu …

M. & Y.