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ABKF Iaido Summer Seminar 2013

The “Summer Seminar” is over … More than one hundred participants, great teachings, great friendship, fun party and successful examinations… it was wonderful! Congratulations to Brussels Yaegaki-Kai members Luc R. and Fred J. for their Shodan and all the other passing their examination! Thank you to the Sensei – Oda Sensei, Katsumata sensei, Furuichi sensei […]

Your first nukitsuke reflects your training years

Iaido season started very well with as usual a great ABKF Summer seminar. While posting a small resume I discovered an unpublished article draft started in 2011 so I decided to finish it and am posting it now. The topic being: How are the high graded sensei judging a performance and what are they looking […]

Ichi-go ichi-e / 一期一会

Ichi-go ichi-e literally “one time, one meeting” is a Japanese term that is originally associated with the Japanese tea ceremony. It is also used in many other sphere such as martial art or day to day life. Ichi-go ichi-e also translated by “one chance in a lifetime” remind us that each meeting whether a tea […]

The wazamae is not embu 演舞 but embu 演武

With that kind of title, I hope you are all curious now … Japanese language is sometimes strange, especially when it comes to words having the same pronunciation but different meanings. Wazamae which could be translated by technique (ability/skill) in a martial art context is not embu 演舞 with 演 for (em) demonstration/performance and 舞 […]

Consider defeat …

“In Iaido we always win against enemies” performing a kata slowly or quickly, result is the same … We win. Of course we are alone fighting against imaginary opponents and the scenario (Riai) says we win. How could we loose ? I did not deeply thought about this but writing it down suddenly gave me […]

ABKF Winter Seminar 2011

This year the ABKF Winter seminar took place at the ADEPS in Auderghem between the 14th and 18th december. For some years now the Iaido teachers present in december are Kobayashi Tadao sensei – 8th dan Iaido Hanshi and Uehara Koichi – 7th dan Iaido Kyoshi. For those not familiar with Kobayashi sensei’s background, he […]

Western Martial Arts

When we hear the words “Martial arts”, generally the first disciplines that come to our mind are probably Judo, Karatedo, Iaido, Kendo, Jodo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Kung fu and many others mostly related to Asia. I guess most of us are aware of the Asian martial arts richness but what about Western martial arts ? Are […]