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Jodo introduction

As our Dojo was on Budo holiday this month of July and that we had some free time, Yuki and I decided to follow a short Jodo introduction on a sunny Sunday morning. Jodo attracted us for some time now and this was the perfect occasion to take the plunge.

Demuynck P. sensei – leader of the Agehacho budokai in Zwevegem – 7th dan Iaido / 5th dan Jodo welcomed us and kindly guided us through our first Jodo lesson. First we were introduced to basic positions such as “Tsune no kamae” and correct reiho/etiquette including “Sogo no rei”. These explanations were followed by the repetition of 2 basic techniques / Kihon: Honte uchi and Kaeshi tsuki. Following those kihon we were teached to 2 katas of the ZNKR Jodo set, Yuki being Uchidachi :

#1. Tsuki zue – “Reaching stick”
Uchidachi attack to the centre of the head cutting through the belly, shidachi evade to the right rear while performing a strike on uchidachi’s left wrist. As uchidachi takes Jodan no kamae, shidachi takes advantage to follow him and strike his left wrist using Honte uchi.

#4. Shamen. – “Diagonal strike”
Shidachi holding the jo in tsune no kamae, uchidachi attack to the centre of the head cutting through the belly, shidachi avoid the attack by moving his body to the right and with a reverse left hand grip on the jo followed by strike is made to uchidachi’s left temple and then followed by kaeshi tsuki.

This introduction was really interesting and refreshing. Refreshing because with 3 Iaido trainings – 6 hours – a week you are sometime so involved in your keiko and technique that you loose sight of wider Budo perspective. Of course on Thursday we practice the kendo no kata – Tachi & Kodachi – and there is of course similarities to any other paired forms, but Jodo added for us the freshness of a new weapon manipulation the Jo (1.28 meter long staff).

Thanks to Patrik our understanding of the Jodo have increased, and we will be more able to enjoy the upcoming European Jodo Championship 2010 hosted in Belgium. By then our new Iaido season will have started and the most important thing will be for us to take/make time to mature these teachings and who knows maybe slowly progress …

M. & Y.