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Consider defeat …

“In Iaido we always win against enemies” performing a kata slowly or quickly, result is the same … We win. Of course we are alone fighting against imaginary opponents and the scenario (Riai) says we win. How could we loose ? I did not deeply thought about this but writing it down suddenly gave me […]

Duties of referees

Searching in my notes for another paper I found an old fax copy entitled “Manual for referee seminar” and dating of May, 2003. It is clearly dedicated to kendo but can be easily transposed to Iaido and Jodo. I post it here under without any text modifications, just adding 2 pictures.

Heijoshin 平常心

In Budo, maybe more specifically in sword/katana related arts, there is an important term/concept which is Heijoshin. Heijoshin is a three kanji word, the first one “Hei” means calm, peaceful, steady. The second one “jo” means always, constant. The third one “Shin” means mind or hearth, the whole inner essence of the individual. So a […]

Seme ? Tame ?

An informative and rich article by Lorenzo Zago (7th dan Renshi Kendo) focusing on 2 terms seme and tame. In this article Seme is defined as the state in which an unrelenting, determined position of advantage is maintained on the opponent (an other could be -> the retention of superiority in relation to an enemy) […]

Kumitachi 組太刀

Kumitachi (組太刀) are paired practice (2 Man Forms). Different paired sets exists and have a high incidence of striking, grappling and disarms. Some waza use both long (ōdachi) and short (kodachi) swords. Some waza begin with swords drawn; others begin with swords sheathed and employ nukitsuke (drawing) techniques. Typically these forms are performed using bokutō; […]

Kendo Reader – Noma Hisashi

Kendo reader – English sample: “Nowadays, apart from the unique situations that arise in times of war, there are almost no opportunities for us to cross swords in mortal combat. In place of the sword there are now more advanced and efficient weapons available. Consequently, to say that the aim of Kendo is “to destroy […]