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BYK Covid-19 measures – September 2020 update

Reminder, during this difficult period the dojo remains only available to internal members. Accepting visitors, new registrations and beginners is also suspended for the moment until the Covid measures are softened in Brussels. Due to the space in the dojo access to internal members is also reduced to maximum 6 people per keiko to respect […]

BYK Limited Keiko

BYK keiko is still under strict limitations. Keiko only accessible to internal members and under pre-registration rule with a max. number of 6 pers. per keiko including a keiko manager.

Covid 19 – Post lockdown keiko #1

Post lockdown keiko#1 successfully completed !Dojo is now open but restricted to BYK members only and with practionners number limitation, following mailed guidelines.

Happy BDay BYK – 20 Years

Covid-19 Confinement will not allow us to celebrate the BYK 20 years in the best way we can and our sensei Oda senei will miss us for this important milestone in our dojo history. But Party will gon on … Just a bit postponed. May the sword be with you 🙂

Oda Sensei

It is with very deep sadness that we inform you that our sensei, Oda Katsuo Iaido 8th Dan Hanshi & Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi passed away yesterday. He was way more than a sensei for us, he was the heart of our loving Eishin family. A grandfather, an uncle, a brother, a friend. Giving hard […]

BYK Shinnenkai – 新年会 2018

A shinnenkai (新年会, literally “new year gathering”) is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the New Year. This year the Yaegaki kai gathered at the izakaya to welcome the 2018 year, hoping it will be full of hard renshu and fun daini dojo. It was a good time to relax and celebrate with […]

BYK King & Queen 2018

Oyez Oyez braves gens. Veuillez applaudir nos heureux Roi Fred et Reine Naemie de la BYK galette 2018 🙂