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Tag: Kyu

Kyu grading – 30/11/2014

Congratulations to Nicolas M. who succesfully passed his 1st Kyu grading at the ABKF National Keiko this sunday.

Kyu gradings

15/04/2014 Congratulations to Nicolas who succesfully passed his 3rd Kyu and Aleksandra and Enez their 6th Kyu grading this Tuesday. Let’s continue to train hard. Gambarimasho !!! 16/02/2014 Congratulations to Didier who succesfully passed his 1st Kyu grading this sunday. Let’s continue to train hard. Gambarimasho !!!

Kyu gradings – 06/10/2013

Congratulations to Brussels Yaegaki-Kai members who succesfully passed their Kyu gradings. Congratulations to David and Fadel who obtained their 1st Kyu. Let’s continue to train hard. Gambarimasho !!!

ABKF Winter Seminar 2011

This year the ABKF Winter seminar took place at the ADEPS in Auderghem between the 14th and 18th december. For some years now the Iaido teachers present in december are Kobayashi Tadao sensei – 8th dan Iaido Hanshi and Uehara Koichi – 7th dan Iaido Kyoshi. For those not familiar with Kobayashi sensei’s background, he […]

Kyu grading – 12/06/2011

Brussels Yaegaki-kai Kyu grading – Date 12/06/2011. 6x Yaegaki-Kai members successfully passed their Kyu grading. Congratulation to: Isabelle – 2th Kyu Iaido Luc – 2th Kyu Iaido Christian – 2th Kyu Iaido Thuy – 2th Kyu Iaido Grégory – 2th Kyu Iaido Pierre – 4th Kyu Iaido