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17th EIC 2010

Great results for the Belgian Team at the 17th European Iaido Championship 2010 in Paris !!! Two days of seminar with over 23 countries represented and more than 200 participants, everybody in the team so happy to meet all European Iaido friends and receive the teaching of 3 great sensei: Kishimoto sensei, Kusama sensei and […]

16th European Iaido Championship 2009

16th European Iaido Championship 2009. – Date 19,20,21/11/2009. The 16th Edition of the European Iaido Championship 2009 was held this year in Holland Belgium won: 5 medals (1 Gold, 3 Bronze and 1 Fighting spirit) in individual + The Silver medal in Team. Great success and great ambiance. Yuki Bronze medal in Yondan division […]

15th European Iaido Championship 2008

European Iaido Championship 2008. – Date 1,2,3/12/2008. The 15th Edition of the European Iaido Championship 2008 was held this year in Switzerland

14th European Iaido Championship 2007

14th European Iaido Championship 2007. – Congratulation to Bruwier P. for his Gold Medal in the 6th Dan category and to Kanto Y. for his Team performance

10th European Iaido Championships 2003

10th European Iaido Championships 2003. – Date 30/11/2003. IAIDO individuals Mudan : 3rd place for Johan Puttemans Sandan : 2nd place for Michael Simonini IAIDO teams Belgium : 3rd place (Simonini –  Defraeye – )

9th European Iaido Championships 2002

9th European Iaido Championships 2002. – Date 27/11/2002. Good results for the Belgian team and Brussels Yaegaki-kai members …

8th European Iaido Championships 2001

Good results from the Belgian Team …