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17th EIC 2010

Great results for the Belgian Team at the 17th European Iaido Championship 2010 in Paris !!!

Two days of seminar with over 23 countries represented and more than 200 participants, everybody in the team so happy to meet all European Iaido friends and receive the teaching of 3 great sensei: Kishimoto sensei, Kusama sensei and Aoki sensei all Iaido 8th dan Hanshi.

An intense individual and team competition with great results: 3x Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals + Silver medal for the Team competition …

Furthermore a great week-end for the Brussels Yaegaki-kai with 3 members in the team and 3 medals:
– 6th dan: Philippe B. Silver medal
– 5th dan: Michaël S. Gold medal
– 4th dan: Yuki K. Gold medal

Congratulations everybody. Let’s continue training hard. Gambatte !!!

For full results of all divisions click on Read more

1 Vervack.V (Belgium)
2 Dörig.A
3 Ryba.B
3 Vanderbiest.R (Belgium)
FS Poupon.C
1st dan
1 Bauer.C
2 Bergmark.J
3 Marchand.J
3 Bieniak.A
FS Fabos.S
2nd dan
1 Artimo.P
2 Waldestål.J
3 Leclercq.N
FS Merinero.D
3rd dan
1 Cauda.A
2 Vandenbusshe.J (Belgium)
3 Balvin.P
FS Machura.L
4th dan
1 Kanto.Y (Belgium)
2 Debacq.JF
3 Hyndrak.V
3 Essers.M
FS Drossoulakis.S
5th dan
1 Simonini.M (Belgium)
2 Watson.A
3 Zanoni.C
3 Habermajer.G
FS Moritz.M
6th dan
1 Devine.A
2 Bruwier.P (Belgium)
3 Van der Geest.A
3 Clark.M
FS Mihalik.H
1 United Kingdom
2 Belgium
3 Poland
3 Sweden

Belgian Team Composition:
– Sempo: Nicolas Pauwelyn
– Chuken: Jonathan Vandenbusshe
– Taisho: Michaël Simonini
– Liviu Vlad

Congratulations to everybody !!!

Belgian Iaido Delegation

You can find all the detailed charts and results on the EIC 2010 website