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EIC 2014 – Helsinki

Great results for the Belgian Team and the BYK at the 21st European Iaido Championships 2014 in Helsinki !!!

Two days of seminar with 19 countries represented, everybody in the team exited and happy to meet all European Iaido friends and receive the teaching of 3 great sensei: Sakono sensei, Kusama sensei and Aoki sensei all Iaido 8th dan Hanshi.

Great competition results with 7 medals: 3x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze and 1x Fighting Spirit. In Mudan – FS Daan, Nidan – Gold Steven, Sandan – Bronze Valentin, Yondan – Gold Jonathan, Yondan – Bronze Marjan, Godan – Gold Yuki, Rokudan – Silver Michael + Examination success for Daan in shodan. Coaches Liviu & Jean, Referee Freddy

The BYK was again well represented this year with in the team Philippe B., Michael S., Kanto Y., David D. and Nicolas M. Everybody enjoyed the seminar, competition and of course the after keiko moments.

Congratulations everybody and let’s continue to train hard. Gambatte !!!

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Belgian Iaido Delegation 2014
EIC 2014 - European Iaido Championships