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Oda Sensei

It is with very deep sadness that we inform you that our sensei, Oda Katsuo Iaido 8th Dan Hanshi & Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi passed away yesterday.

He was way more than a sensei for us, he was the heart of our loving Eishin family. A grandfather, an uncle, a brother, a friend. Giving hard lessons in the dojo but always ready for a friendly Dai ni dojo full of joy, sharing stories and simple moments of nominication.

He will always be in our heart and his teaching will be forever with us in our daily practice and life. He was more than doing Iaido and kendo, he was living them. There would be so many things to say but no words will be enough. For all of those who knew him it is a terrible loss and pain.

He was fantastic. Goodbye sensei you will live forever in our heart boss. He was the boss. He was our boss.

Oda’s Eishin Kai Family – BYK