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Tag: Grading

ABKF Iaido Examination 2011

Congratulations to Brussels Yaegaki-Kai members for their examination during the 2011 ABKF Winter seminar. Congratulation to Yuki for her 5th dan, Alexandra for her 3rd dan and Eric for his 2nd dan. Examination/Taikai are unique opportunities to see if our day to day practice survives stress but also independently from the result it highlights our […]

Kyu grading – 12/06/2011

Brussels Yaegaki-kai Kyu grading – Date 12/06/2011. 6x Yaegaki-Kai members successfully passed their Kyu grading. Congratulation to: Isabelle – 2th Kyu Iaido Luc – 2th Kyu Iaido Christian – 2th Kyu Iaido Thuy – 2th Kyu Iaido Grégory – 2th Kyu Iaido Pierre – 4th Kyu Iaido

ABKF Iaido Examination 2010

Congratulations to Brussels Yaegaki-Kai members for their grading success during the ABKF Winter Nakakura seminar. Congratulation to Leopold V. for his 2nd dan and Eric T. for his 1st dan. Congratulations also to Michael P. – Athens Furyu dojo for his 4th dan and Luc H. – Kendo Gent for his 5th dan. Omedeto gozaimasu […]

ABKF Iaido Examination 2009

ABKF Iaido Examination 2009. Congratulations to Yaegaki-Kai members 5/5 examination success. Congratulation to Phan 3rd dan, Eric 3rd dan, Alex 2nd dan, Patrick 2nd dan and Leopold 1st dan. Congratulation to Spiros D. from Athens Furyu dojo for his 4th dan.

Belgian Iaido Champ. 2009

Belgian Iaido Champ. 2009 – Date 3/05/09. Competition 2x Participants: Yuki K. Gold medal in 4th dan division and Patrick R. got Bronze in 1st dan division. Congratulations to Hayashibara San for his 1st Kyu and Patrick D. for his 2nd Dan examination. 2 Shimpan: Philippe B. and Michaël S. BIC 2009 Results

Yaegaki-kai examinations ABKF December Seminar

Yaegaki-kai examinations ABKF December Seminar – Date 13/12/2008. Congratulations to Alex and Patrick for their 1st Dan examination.

6th Dan at Yaegaki-kai

6th Dan at Yaegaki-kai. – Date 09/06/2006. Congratulations to Philippe who successfully passed his 6th Dan examination in Japan.