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BIC 2015

The 18th Belgian Iaido Championships 2015 took place this Sunday 10/05/15 in Sint-Niklaas. Belgian Iaido level is increasing every year and we were rewarded with thrilling matches and finals. Congratulations to all the participants and organizing Dojo: Tamiza Kendo Kai

The Brussels Yaegaki-kai did very well this year as well as our Eishin-Kai brothers from KIG and Kenhachi. The BYK had 6 competitors enlisted with a final result of 7 Medals:
– Silver for Yuki in Godan
– Fighting spirit for Eric T. in Sandan
– Silver for Greg in Nidan
– Bronze for David in Nidan
– Bronze and Fighting spirit for Fadel in Shodan
– Gold for Nicolas in Mudan

Competition was followed by gradings. Congratulations to:
– Greg who passed his Sandan
– Fadel who passed his Nidan
– Nicolas who passed his Shodan

Check full results here

BIC 2015 - Brussels Yaegaki-Kai

BIC 2015 – BYK

BIC 2015 - Eishin-Kai

BIC 2015 – Eishin-Kai (BYK 7 medals – KIG 7 medals – Kenhachi 1 medal)

BIC 2015 - Medals

BIC 2015 – All Medals

BIC 2015 - Sint-Niklaas

BIC 2015 – All participants

Congratulations everybody and let’s continue to train hard. Gambatte !!!