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ABKF Iaido Summer Seminar 2017

The 16th Edition of the ABKF IAido Summer Seminar was held this 18-19-20 august 2017. The seminar was organised as part of the ABKF Summer Seminar and was located in Louvain La Neuve, Belgium.

This edition was again a success thanks to the wonderful teachings of the Japanese sensei delegation and European sensei composed of:

ODA Katsuo – 8th Dan Hanshi
FURUICHI Norio – 8th Dan Kyoshi
GOODMAN Fay – 7th Dan Kyoshi
VAN DE WIJNGAART Aad -7th Dan Kyoshi
ORDYNSKY Sylvia – 7th Dan Renshi
DEMUYNCK Patrik – 7th Dan Renshi
GOMEZ Emilio – 7th Dan Renshi
BRUWIER Philippe – 7th Dan Renshi

This year the seminar gathered more than a hundred practitioners from different countries. Let’s continue to train hard …

Gambarimasho !!!