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18th EIC 2011 – Andorra

Great results for the Belgian Team at the 18th European Iaido Championship 2011 in Andorra !!!

Two days of seminar with 22 countries represented and more than 200 participants, everybody in the Belgian team so happy to meet all European Iaido friends and receive the teaching of 3 Iaido 8th dan Hanshi sensei: Kawaguchi sensei, Kusama sensei and Kamikokuryo sensei.

An intense individual and team competition with great results: 1x Gold, 2x Silver and 3x Bronze medals. Shodan Gold for Valentin and Bronze for Rowan, Nidan Bronze for Tom, Sandan Bronze for Jonathan, Yondan Silver for Yuki, Godan Silver for Michaël + Examination success with 2 new nidan for Valentin and Rowan and sandan for Tom. In the Team competition Belgium (Valentin, Jonathan, Michaël, Yuki) won the Bronze medal …

A great week-end for the Brussels Yaegaki-kai and our brother’s dojos: 5th dan Michaël S. Silver medal, 4th dan Yuki K. Silver medal and Greg got to the 1/8th finals. Kendo Gent: 1st dan Valentin V. Gold medal, Furyu Dojo Athens 4th dan Michael P. Bronze medal. Oda sensei is very happy 🙂

Gradings were difficult starting from Yondan with only 1 on 35 candidates succeeding: 1/10 passed for Yondan, 0/1 Passed for Godan , 0/17 passed for Rokudan, 0/7 passed for Nanadan

Belgian Iaido Delegation
18th EIC - European Iaido Championships - Andorra

Congratulations everybody !!! Let’s continue to train hard. Gambatte !!!

You will find very soon I hope all the detailed charts and results on the EIC 2011 website