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Belgian Iaido Champ. 2009

Belgian Iaido Champ. 2009 – Date 3/05/09. Competition 2x Participants: Yuki K. Gold medal in 4th dan division and Patrick R. got Bronze in 1st dan division. Congratulations to Hayashibara San for his 1st Kyu and Patrick D. for his 2nd Dan examination. 2 Shimpan: Philippe B. and Michaël S. BIC 2009 Results

Belgian Iaido Championship 2008

Belgian Iaido Championship 2008. – This year Belgian Iaido championship was oragnized by the Yaegaki-kai at Louvain-La-Neuve. Thanks to all the staff, the judges and the participants level the championship was a success.

ABKF Iaido Championship 2002

ABKF Iaido Championship 2002. Participation of the Brussels Yaegaki-Kai … – Date 7/05/2002.

ABKF Iaido Championship 2001

ABKF Iaido Championship 2001. Participation of the Brussels Yaegaki-Kai … – Date 6/05/2001.