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6th Iaido Koryu Seminar 2007

6th Iaido Koryu Seminar 2007.
– Date 24,25,26/08/2007.

The 6th Edition of the Iaido Koryu Seminar will be held this year from the 24/08 until 26/08, the seminar will be organised as part of the ABKF Summer Seminar 2007 and will be located in Brussels (Louvain La Neuve), more than 5 Senseis including 4x 8th Dan.

Oda K. 8th Dan Hanshi    – Eishin Ryu
Miyata T. 8th dan Kyoshi    – Muso Shinden Ryu
Kuno M. 8th Dan Kyoshi    – Eishin Ryu
Aoki E. 8th Dan Kyoshi    – Muso Shinden Ryu
Katsumata K. 8th Dan Kyoshi    – Tamiya Ryu
Furuichi N. 7th Dan Kyoshi    – Muso Shinden Ryu